Why Does He Pull Away?

Published: 30th May 2012
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Does it seem like he's pulling away from you? How can you be for certain, and how should you react when he pulls away? It could be just your imagination, or he really could be putting some distance between the two of you. Here's how to be for certain and how you should handle it.

First of all, you need to understand that if you've just started dating a guy, he may not be pulling away from you. You have to be honest with yourself and ask if you are fearful from past relationships.

It can be frustrating as a woman when you think that maybe you've just found the perfect guy to go through a long term relationship with that could lead to marriage, and it's slipping through your fingers. You don't want to lose that, but how can you be certain of why men pull away, and what can you do to bring him back in?

Truth is, even men go through this! If you're used to him texting you
a lot and being sweet, and suddenly the texts are as abundant and are more to the point - it does not always mean that he's pulling away.
You have to be rational and ask yourself "is he really as busy as he
says he is?".

Simply put -- this is not a good sign that a guy has lost interest in
you. There's not enough to go off of here, so let's take a look at a true sign of you being pushed out of his life.

A serious sign that he is putting distance between the two of you is when he completely evades talking about making plans together, or seems really vague about what he's doing.

But how should you react when he pulls away?

Well although some relationship experts would suggest that you move on, you really don't have to do that. The worst thing you can do is start playing hard to get, and the other worst thing you can do is start being more forceful.

You need to find the fine balance. Act like you don't really care all that much and back off of communication just a bit. The truth is this could be a test, one of many that men use to decide on a partner.

If you pass, he will have more respect for you, and it will tell him that you would be a relaxed person to be with in a relationship, rather than the typical "nightmare, crazy girl" that men are in fear

Every man wants his individuality, and no man wants to be changed by a woman, but all guys know that women have been known to say things like "I can change him". A guy feels that if you like him, you won't want to change a thing, and you shouldn't.

What a man wants to see from a woman that he partners up with is that she will not be stressful for him or ever put too much pressure on him. He wants someone who will match his personality and speed on life.

Basically, men fear a lot just as much as women. The more you understand what scares them the more success you will have with your guy. The problem is, you can't ask them directly. Guys keep this stuff secret, whether it be because they don't know how to express it or they choose not too..

The good news! you can learn the patterns for a successful relationship
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