What Attracts Stink Bugs

Published: 30th March 2011
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Wonder what attracts stink bugs that could cause an infestation?

Learn what makes your house so enticing, and how to get rid of stink bugs forever.

Stink bugs are extremely disgusting and they smell incredibly awful, especially when agitated. They release a horrendous odor to protect themselves from any kind of potential threat to their well-being.

There are many species of stink bugs, but 12 that commonly can be found getting into the homes of folks in North America, with Maryland and Pennsylvania being two of the hardest hit states in recent years.

For many they seem to have been around for ever, but actually were not really noticed until the nineteen-nineties. The problem is that when you try to eradicate them they will release their ugly smell on make for a very unpleasant experience.

What attracts stink bugs to a house really comes back to one thing.

Warmth. During the summer they will tear up anyone's family garden by feasting from the leaves and flowers of your most prized plants, whether these be vegetable or flower gardens, and they can even give agricultural farmers a huge problem, as they can do heavy damage to crops as well.

When the temperature drops, they will start to find ways into your homes. Once inside your house however they can be attracted to several things that helps locating their source somewhat easier. The main thing that stink bugs move towards is light, just like any other common day bug.

This is why many people will find them hovering near plants or flocking to well-lit window spaces. They also will feed on fruits, so keeping these edibles from being left out in the open may help the problem.

In order to get rid of stink bugs you need to approach the eradication of the infestation intelligently. First go around your house and sweep up any mass collections of them. Right away, take the bugs and place them carefully into a trash bag and seal it as tightly as you can until you can get it away from your home.

When you see mass groupings of them, this can be a good indication of a spot where they are entering your home through. Look for any cracks that might gain them access and seal it up.

Get light traps and place them near your heavily lit areas, particularly your windows. These will attract the stink bugs to the enchanting light source and trap them with sticky tape, preventing them from moving about the house.

The ultimate solution to stopping stink bugs in their tracks it to locate all of the potential gateways into your home that you can find on the outside of your house. By sealing this spaces up you can do yourself the most justice.

Next, stink bugs are very hard to get rid of. Read more information about how you can effectively reduce their numbers and get rid of them for good, by following this stink bug extermination resource.

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