How To Make Him Want You More

Published: 14th May 2012
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Maybe you want to keep the passion at the level that it was on day one, or perhaps you need a little help getting a guy to desire you from the beginning. Regardless, this article will offer extremely valuable information that will teach you how to make him want you more.

Many women might think that guys are not designed to crave a long term
relationship, but actually with most men this isn't true. Guys do desire to eventually settle down and mature in this way. The only problem is that things naturally can grow stale over time. It's important for both partners to work at triggering desire throughout a relationship. Perhaps you know what will keep you happy over the course of the years, but you also need to understand how to make him want you more.

1. Magnetising Yourself

There is one amazing secret to this and it's so simple. Say his name.
Whether you have been dating a long time, are married or just starting
out -- this works.

For some reason, psychologically, men really respond when they hear
the apple of their eye use their name. It locks them in and really gets them focused on you. But you can't just throw it around all the time. It's one of those things that loses quality if abused all the time. Just drop it here and there in conversation, especially when out in public.

2. Randomly Make Contact

When you can find clever ways to touch him, and if it's unexpected,
this really creates a desire in a guy. It subconsciously tells him that you want to be close with him, no matter how used to each other
you have gotten, and it's playful!

Putting your hand on his legs, fixing his hair, stroking his arm --
these are all good ways to make him want you more.

3. Do Guys Respond To Compliments?

Yes, but differently than women. Men really detest being overly flattered. It especially means less to them if they hear praise all the time.

The more specific a compliment and unexpected the better. Especially
if it's relating to something that he feels is important. If you can tell that he takes pride in his hand writing and is meticulous about it, that's a very creative compliment, and specific to something that he might view as important to himself.

When a guy feels that you appreciate him for the same things that he
appreciates in himself, it will make him want to achieve more and be
a great mate for you!

4. Skip The Details

Did you know that researchers have concluded that women use on average about 20,000 words throughout the day and men only 7,000?

What women talk about can be in such great detail that men often tune out and what you may find interesting about something small can be boring to a guy.

Great examples are talking elaborately about the last episode of your favorite show, what Jerry in department C said (he probably doesn't know who this is anyway), and every detail about your day.

Guys love conversation, but they don't want the play-by-play, since
they typically don't have these kinds of conversations with each other. It can really aggravate a man to have to sit and listen to every small piece of information. Consider no giving the same spiel all the time.

Now, men can be tricky to understand. If you want to develop a long term, ever loving and lasting relationship and score yourself a real keeper, you've got to read this.

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